How to download videos from instagram with video blare

Over past few year many social image sharing platforms emerged. This gradually developed interest in the internet users. At sametime, it developed insecurity of the personal content too.

Why Instagram?

Instagram - a name emerged just as an image sharing platform and changed into most liked social media platform after Facebook. Instagram is a highly secured platform where anyone can share image or video content anytime without any hesitation.  

Based on user behaviour it enhanced its features and become world most like and secured social media platform within days time.

It is no surprise to say that there are more mobile users instead of laptop or tablet users around world. This is the main reason why Instagram users are more than any other image sharing social media platform.

Instagram is highly secured platform where anyone can share the videos and images. However, Instagram do not allow the video or images downloading.

How to download Instagram Videos then?


Don’t worry! Video Blare has brought an easiest solution for it.

Downloading videos from Instagram can be bit tricky. Here is a simple hack that you can use to get Instagram videos downloaded right into your mobile phone easily. Just follow the mentioned steps and the video will be all yours.

Note: Downloading the video from Instagram does not mean that you own the right over that video. You may share the video with your friends but cannot consider it as your content. Or you may not use this video online on different media considering your content. However, if used only for sharing purpose then it will not be considered illegal.

Following are the steps through which you can download the Instagram videos in your mobile phone.

Start Where The Start Begins

Log in to your instagram account and search for the video you want to download. Let the video play. Meanwhile, click on the three dots menu icon and copy the URL of the video.

Match Your Step to Move On

Now, open your browser window and open Once the site is opened, paste the URL in the white bar given and press enter.

Different video formats will appear in front of you, you may select the one you want to download.

Press the download button next to the choice of video format (HD or SD). This will lead you to a new tab showing video that you want to download.

This is not the end... Keep following

When the new tab will open, click on the three dots menu button and choose download option to trigger video downloading.

You will see the video will start downloading in your mobile phone. Let the video download finish. Once it is finished, open the video and enjoy watching this video anytime offline. You may now share this video with your friends too.  

Why to choose video blare to download instagram videos?

Video Blare is the online website which provides you the easiest way to download the Instagram video within few minutes. No sign up or subscription is required to download your favourite video.

Just open the website and paste the URL of the video you want to download. You may select any video format of your choice. It has audio-only feature too. Now you can download the audio of the video in your mobile phone or keep it for offline use.

Before, between or after video/audio downloading process no ads will appear. No extra window will pop up disturbing your pace and progress. Feel Free to download as much videos as you can. No limit is applied on downloading videos or audio from video blare. No time limit is there. You can download your videos as and when needed. You just need to have an active internet connection till the downloading finishes.