How to download Vimeo videos with video blare

Introduced in 2004 Vimeo is the next most popular video channel after Youtube. The Idea behind the word Vimeo was “Video & Me”. An easy to watch, share and upload videos platform which is admired by billions of people around the globe.

People over vimeo can create their account and upload a video in a very simple way. However, Vimeo has few limitations. You cannot download videos directly from vimeo. Instead you may watch and share video only.

Video blare provides you the most efficient way to download videos from vimeo. You may watch those video later when you are free or anytime while offline. When you save a video in your computer, no one can remove it until you delete it by yourself.

Download vimeo videos on laptop

Save the vimeo videos in your computer with just few simple steps. After downloading video you may watch it anytime offline or can share with your friends.


After downloading video from vimeo in your computer you cannot possess rights over it. You cannot share on any online medium considering your content. The owner or developer of the video still owes that video and has complete right over that video. You may use the video only if you have clear permission of the video owner.  

People around the world watch videos online on vimeo and prefer online streaming. Still few countries exists where Internet speed is still a problem. So to make sure your video loads properly and your entertainment is not disturbed we offer you to download video from vimeo through video blare and play it anytime you want.

Let's go for Trick 1

Open vimeo channel and search for your desired video. Keep the video playing. Meanwhile, copy the video URL to the clipboard from the address bar present at the top of the webpage.

In the new tab, write and press enter. When the video blare website is loaded, paste the URL in the white bar provided. Click on the arrow button next to white bar.

Wait the list to load and look for the video format you want to download.

Now, Select the option of video format you want to download. A new page will open with video. Right click to save the video and the video will start to download.

After download completion you are free to watch it anytime. Sharing video will not harm until or unless you consider it as not your content.

Now I will tell you 2nd easy trick

Nothing much…

Just repeat the steps stated above till adding the URL in video blare website. Let the formats list to display. Once the list is displayed. Choose one format of your choice. Now the trick is here…

Do not press the download button. Instead, right click on the download button and click on the option of save link as. Wait for a second or two to let the download begin.

Once the download begin it will fly to the bottom of the webpage showing the downloading status and MBs. Let the downloading finish.

After downloading finishes, click to open the video and see that your desired video format has been downloaded.

Why to choose video blare?

Above are the easiest ways of downloading videos from the videoblare.

Videoblare is the only website which is adds free, subscription free and highly user friendly. No extra charges of downloading video are there. You may get your videos free. While downloading the video you no unwanted ads will annoy you. Feel free to download HD and SD video or audio format anytime you want.

Videoblare do not even implement any limit over downloading the videos. Download as much as you want.