How to download YouTube videos with video blare

People are likely to watch then to read… Do you know this Fact? I sure you do. A famous Chinese proverb states:

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.

Over the past few years user behavior towards video and written content has been changed.

In the very early days people likes to google everything - Writing in google search engine. Now People are more likely to search on Youtube - Type an information related to which they want to learn.

Blogger’s opinion about video

Many bloggers are currently stating that you can get more views on video instead of a text. This clears our doubt that why Youtube has an alexa rank of 2. Videos are more engaging than a simple text and image content.

People nowadays are more likely to search any subject on Youtube because they want explanation in visual form. We can say that the above stated chinese proverb is gradually proving itself.

Youtube is the biggest video forest, containing millions and billions of videos over several subjects.

Is it illegal to download Youtube video?

When it comes to downloading video from youtube you feel restricted. YouTube only allows saving videos into downloads which you can see in offline state. This video do not stay forever and get removed from your download list after a specified time. This is just because Youtube owns copyrights over those videos.

However, Downloading a video from Youtube is not illegal. You still can download it to watch it offline.

The only condition is that you cannot use the content considering it your own. Here is an easy method with which you can download any Youtube Video into your computer. You may watch that video anytime - no matter online or offline.

Watching video tension free is always a fun. It gives more enjoyment when you feel no issue in the flow of video. You can watch video anytime without the consumption of internet data.

Following are the easy steps with which you can download Youtube video in your computer and can watch it anytime you want. Video will remain save in your computer until or unless you remove it.

Step 1:

Open Youtube and search for your favourite video. While the video is playing click on the address bar to select the URL. Copy the URL to clipboard.

Step 2:

Paste the URL in the VideoBlare. Click the arrow button provided and wait for few milliseconds.

A list will appear with showing different video formats with different resolutions. You may select the one you want to download. These video HD and SD options will depend upon the resolution and format of video on YouTube.  

Step 3:

Once you decide the format, click on the download button next to it. A new tab will open. Let the video play. After two or three seconds press right click to download the video in your computer. Allow few minutes to download.

Hurrah! Your video is downloaded. Video is now saved in your computer for offline use.

Now you may watch it anytime you want. The mentioned procedure is for downloading YouTube video in your Laptop, Desktop PC and mobile phones. The procedure is same for all whether it is IPhone, Android, MAC or any other technology.

Videoblare is an online tool which is really very easy to use. We have made it handy for better user experience. You may get your desired video with few clicks.

We do not use any unwanted ads or any other feature that annoys the user and prohibit the usage for the second time. We allow you to download Youtube videos for free anytime you want. You just need an active internet for whole video downloading process.